HI, I’m Bren Murphy

If your journey is about discovering happiness, you’ve found a like-minded soul.  I study successful, happy people from all walks of life and 
share their stories here.  Discover what works for others, 
​and see if it can work for you, too.

Happiness is a state of mind best approached from living everyday in alignment with your personal values.  Each morning, make happiness a choice and build your day around being grateful, thankful and aware.  I am sharing some of my best articles here – you can read more about happinessRead More

Real Life results

“Breakthrough your blockage – get unstuck and find simplicity and clarity.  Re-connect with your core values – and start living with pupose.  Finding fulfillment and a deep, meaningfulness life is often as easy as changing your mindset….”

Bren Murphy – Wednesday Webinar Introduction

“I’ve overcome some rock-solid bad habits and transformed how I live on a day to day basis.  Right now I’m calmer, more centered and able to devote myself 100% to the things that really matter.  Join me for a conversation and see if we make a good fit – here’s my ten minute coaching questionnaire….”

Bren Murphy – 10 Minute Intake Questionnaire

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