HI, I’M Bren

I’m a mindfulness coach and recovery expert with a commitment to sharing the simplicity of happiness.

But let’s face it – it’s not really about how many books I have published on Amazon (2) or how many half marathons I have run (5 – and counting) or how many personal development certifications I have (4 – and counting) or how many hours I spend on the yoga mat each week (7).

It’s actually about you – and the reason you have clicked to be reading this today. You’re looking for solutions to your challenges, or struggling to find a sense of happiness, or meaningful success in your business, or even just a balanced peace of mind.

Happiness Coaching Begins right now!

I can help you make the change you want.

And the best of all, I keep things very very simple.

You attract into your life the things that you focus on.
So if you are attracting good stuff, that’s brilliant, but what happens when you are not?

What happens if you check yourself and things aren’t that good.

You’ve reached a crisis point or rock bottom or you are ready to move in another direction?  That’s where I can help with a complete mindset transformation.

http://eepurl.com/bvOLGrhttp://eepurl.com/bvOLGrClick here and download my free new client questionnaire so we can get started on the process right away.Imagine how your life could change once we put in place rock solid systems, strategies and action steps?

Can you see how much progress you could make if you took clear, consistent and dedicated action towards your goal?

Click below and download my free new client questionnaire so you can get started on the process right away.  (You’ll gain instant clarity around your current situation as you complete the questions.)

Introducing Bren Murphy - My Values, Purpose and Meaning

Personal Coaching is about getting results through taking action and responsibility.