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Expecting The Best

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“Expect no one to turn up – and then when it happens you’ll be OK with it.”
That was the advice I got planning my new business venture and knowing it relied entirely on events. Specifically, for people to come along and walk with mindfulness through the rainforest or along the beach. I didn’t take the advice and have had an amazing response from the first week – but the thought still lingers.

For me professionally it’s about letting go of the thought of failure and accepting wholeheartedly that this venture is worthy and will suceed. But again, it’s coming from a place of past mis steps, what you mihgt call some failures, and a little lack of self belief.

And to add to all this, having hit a stage in my life where I am seeing it as a sign that maybe things weren’t meant to be – like as though if I was ever going to succeed I would have done it by now sort of thing. This is especially immobilising and gives me pause for inaction.

I can make a slew of successful introductory calls and then my own self talk can waver and have me reflecting on a less successful past moment and suddenly, I put down the phone, stop making new calls, and bite my nails as though I am not good enough.

And this is when the real, genuine mindfulness practice on my part begins. It is for me to stop that spiral of inner talk from sabotaging my progress and instead anchor my mindset on a goal I want to move towards.

When I slow down and analyse the previous call, or where the progress is in the last days, it can suddenly take a gloomy outlook and further give me reason to pull back and not invest as heavily. And this is where the danger lies. This new venture is only going to go forward as long as I ma heavily personally invested in it and truly deeply believe that it will succeed.

If I am stopping and critically evaluating it every step of the way and seeing it not for what it could be but for what it is in the context of previous struggles, of course it will not blossom into anything meaningful.

So I have to remind my self that this new growth is tender and gentle and vulnerable and that I can’t judge it with old eyes or from the perspective of something that is years or decades old.

This new venture based business on mindfulness is all about self belief and nurturing the seedling through these really exposed and vulnerable times with a rock solid foundation of self belief, grit and determination. Like anything small and new and just breaking out, it could be crushed by one mis – placed footstep or a critical comment that catches hold.

So I have to ignore, block and filter out all the noise and all the distractions from the rest of the world – and all the rest of the people who see me working so hard and seeing not much movement from the outside. In return, I see you going off to your 9 to 5 everyday and and I don’t see a great deal of anything happening either.

Change happens at an imperceptibly slow rate, it’s never about the change. It’s about the progress from the change. And me, writing this as a way to untangle from the expectation and misplaced curiosity is really healthy. Onward and upward – and back to the cold calling.

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